Trips according to your choice
In case you arrive with a larger group, we can take you on a trip to see the sights of your choosing. You only have to say so and we will try our best to fulfill your wishes. Taking into consideration the time constraints we will prepare an offer that you will not be able to refuse! We can also take care of animators, food, drinks and everything you might require.

Trips according to your choice are especially suitable for:

  • companies,
  • societies,
  • organizations,
  • schools,
  • agencies,
  • larger groups of individuals.
Or you can simply choose one of the pre-made trips. Larger groups get a discount. You can book the trips at the following locations:
    • Marjetica shop – Hotel Livada, Moravske Toplice
    • Piri shop – Hotel Termal, Moravske Toplice
    • Vijolica shop – Hotel Lipa, Lendava
    • TIC Moravske Toplice

    Tel: +386 40 814 730

    Turistična agencija Center
    Kocljeva ulica 12b
    9000 Murska Sobota

Info: +386 40 814 730 
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