What we offer

Our trips will let you experience the beauty of this picturesque region. You will get to visit various sights, which form a comprehensive whole, while at the same time tasting the delicacies of the traditional local cuisine.

And if you would prefer a more in-depth approach to discovering Prekmurje, we can offer you apartments Potoček (Creek), Sonce (Sun) and Apartma111, for four or six persons. If required we can combine Potoček and Sonce apartments into a room for 10 people.
For information on daily events, purchasing postcards, swimming suits and similar, shops Marjetica and Vijolica are at your disposal, which are located in Moravske Toplice and Lendava.

We are offering you a selection of possibilities to experience Prekmurje. It is up to you to choose what we can spoil you with.
We are inviting you for a visit, as PREKMURJE is offering itself on the PALM OF YOUR HAND.

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