Prekmurje is the north-easternmost region of Slovenia. It includes the area north of river Mura, which is divided into the hilly part called Goričko and the flat regions Ravensko and Dolinsko. The southern part is flat and was covered by the Pannonian Sea in the prehistoric times. Because of that the soil here is very fertile, which contributed greatly to the development of farming in this area. The region borders on three neighbouring states (Austria, Hungary and Croatia) and has a population of over 90,000.

Prekmurje is an idyllic region, which offers untouched nature and tranquillity, a flat par for cycling and numerous natural and cultural sights. The wine-growing district is enriched by tourist farms and wine cellars offering local delicacies such as Prekmurje Bacon, Bograč and Gibanica.

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