Marjetica Marjetica is located in the lobby of the Livada Hotel in Moravske Toplice, which boasts five stars. It offers a broad selection, tailored to tourists. They offer domestic and foreign newspapers and magazines, tobacco products, greeting cards, bathing suits, shirts, golf gear, footwear, jewellery, souvenirs and anything else you would like to buy for yourself or your loved ones. A friendly shopkeeper will always be glad to help and give you advice.

    • Newspapers and magazines,
    • Greeting cards,
    • Healing ointments made of thermal water,
    • Tobacco products,
    • jewellery,
    • bathing suits,
    • shirts, trousers, blouses, ties, dresses,
    • golf gear,
    • souvenirs,
    • board games,
    • perfumes and much more.

Info:+386 40 475 282 

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